Sunday, December 19, 2010

Wanna-be Cable Cutter

So cable TV pretty much sucks, theres never anything on, and when there is, we're not usually around for it. On top of that, we pay up the wahzoo for it! Well, I think enough is enough. For years now, I have fantasized about cutting the cord. But with the amount we would have to for internet along is just as painful. So, I stuck with it. All the while, trying different things (hardware) and ways (downloading, streaming, etc.) to get my content.

I think I'm finally at the point where I just need to bite the bullet and do it. I cant afford the $100 a month for stupid TV anymore. Especially when we watch 90% of our TV through the computer. My only concern is the stuff that my girlfriend enjoys watching. Which isnt available online, at least night right away. But she has reassured me that it doesnt matter. And it's probably not the worst thing in the world that she doesnt get to watch them anymore anyway, so I think we're gonna do it. I have it in my head that we're gonna do this in January. We'll see if it really happens. But with my current financial situation, I pretty much have no choice. Honestly, I'm hoping for a financial reprieve. This is gonna me hard! Its almost like I'm trying to quit smoking. I mean, how do you just give up something youve had everyday for 20 years?! I guess we'll find out...

I've pretty much planned it all out in my head and started getting the provisions we need to have a smooth transition. Unfortunately I'm doing this on a budget. If I could I would get a sweet HTPC (home theater PC) setup and be done with it. But I cant so I am doing this with, more or less, just bits and pieces of what we already have. We currently already have many iterations of HTPC set ups. none of them really do the trick. But I think I have been able to muster up a good transitional machine that will get us by for at least a few months, then we'll see where we're at.

To be continued.

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