Thursday, April 19, 2012

the heart thus thou break

Which one?????? by ★ 0091436 ★
Which one??????, a photo by ★ 0091436 ★ on Flickr.

Maria at Adorama was kind enough to let me spend some time (about 45minutes) with the xpro1 and the nex7. I was pretty disappointed by the xpro1's handling. It's really is a half baked product. It really sucks coz I pretty much had my heart set on this camera. Its the right size, right mega-pixels, right amount of sexiness, and most importantly, best IQ. But it was really a struggle to take a picture. Unfortunately, they didnt have an adapter for me to try with my Voigtlander 40mm (I used the 18mm that they had on the demo camera). That would have been the real test.
I did however, get to try my lens on the NEX7, and as expected, it worked like a dream. So much so, that it actually break my heart a little, knowing that with even just a few minutes of playing on the NEX7, that it's going to win out over the xpro1. Such a shame....i guess the NEX7 will have to do until the xpro2(?)....

Monday, April 16, 2012


Eli 2 by ★ 0091436 ★
Eli 2, a photo by ★ 0091436 ★ on Flickr.

Eli was fanfreakintastic to work with.

Shot with a Bronica ETRSi with a 75mm f/2.8 which I recently sold off. I miss that lil sucker. It was a cute lil baby of a camera.

Eli 1


Elena by ★ 0091436 ★
Elena, a photo by ★ 0091436 ★ on Flickr.
I was on a neck ruff kick a few months ago. They're so hard to make!

Elena Polaroid

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sophie's Choice

Its been months since I've had a moment to post anything here. I'm sorry for that. I hope to have more content soon. Theres a few images some of you might not have seen, that I have waiting in the wings, I just wanted to get a few more done before I presented them. But with work ramping up, I dont know when that will happen. But stay tuned!

Ive been shooting film a lot more lately, which has been really fun. Its nice to be developing my own film again. Its been way too long since I've done it regularly (about 15 years!) It was just like riding a bike! So nice and easy to do at home. I highly recommend it to all you lil punks out there that have never tried it before. There are a ton of resources on the internetz to baby step you through it. I know walmart will do it for you for cheap, but just save a couple of rolls and give it a shot, you wont be sorry, AND you can go around telling people youve done it. That alone, Im sure is worth the hassel -- Fuckers :P

Anyhoo, For now, I just wanted to post a couple of camera portraits that I took today. I'm getting ready to thin out my collection, and these two 6x7s have been been put on the block. I know ultimately, one will get a stay of removal. I love 6x7 too much to stop shooting in this format. I cant justify having both, but which one...

Both have their stronge and weak points, but I think when it finally comes down to it, I'm going to have to stick with the cheaper, more versatile, (and sexier) kit (Pentax 67). The Mamiya shoots like a dream and is probably the best film camera Ive ever owned. But it's just too expensive to maintain and build. I can and often do take the Pentax 67 out with me, cant do that with the RZ67, its just way too big. Also I only have 1 lens for the Mamiya, a 110mm f2.8 which rocks. I would love more, but RZ67 glass is too expensive for my limited budget. Whereas P67 lenses can be had for a song! In general their optics arent as good as Mamiya's, but theyre good enough. Especially when your piss poor.

It's really cutting me deep that I have to get rid of the RZ67, but times are tough and I need to keep feeding my ravenous addiction. I need me an X-Pro1! I want to invest in a descent carry around digital camera with a VF, rather then keep a camera I'll only use a few times a year. I think itll be a wise exchange....maybe?....

Ok, that's it, just wanted to shoot a update to y'all. I'm not dead. Just busy and stressed and blocked up and whatnot.