Thursday, April 19, 2012

the heart thus thou break

Which one?????? by ★ 0091436 ★
Which one??????, a photo by ★ 0091436 ★ on Flickr.

Maria at Adorama was kind enough to let me spend some time (about 45minutes) with the xpro1 and the nex7. I was pretty disappointed by the xpro1's handling. It's really is a half baked product. It really sucks coz I pretty much had my heart set on this camera. Its the right size, right mega-pixels, right amount of sexiness, and most importantly, best IQ. But it was really a struggle to take a picture. Unfortunately, they didnt have an adapter for me to try with my Voigtlander 40mm (I used the 18mm that they had on the demo camera). That would have been the real test.
I did however, get to try my lens on the NEX7, and as expected, it worked like a dream. So much so, that it actually break my heart a little, knowing that with even just a few minutes of playing on the NEX7, that it's going to win out over the xpro1. Such a shame....i guess the NEX7 will have to do until the xpro2(?)....

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