Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Wanna-be Cable Cutter pt. 2

Before boost, test to the UK
After Boost, local test

Got "Boost" internet tonight. For the extra $15 bucks, Im not impressed. Thankfully I have a month to decide if I want to keep it (and the 1st month is free). If it stays consistently above 5Mbs, and they dont cap me, I'll keep it.

We had really REALLY bad service tonight, less then 1Mps, which is what prompted me to finally sign up for Boost. Locally its as fast as advertised 30Mbs/5Mps Really nice, but if I test with anything outside of the tri-state area, its pretty much the same. Of course its different from day to night, hour to hour, so we'll see. But the old service was going to be impossible to watch any streaming content without being constantly frustrated by the poor and inconsistent connection. Let's hope for all our sakes that this service will be more stable then regular internet. Also, being the conspericy theorist that I am, I suspect that once my 1st month trial is over, it'll be just as jittery and lame as it was before. I guess only time will tell.

To be continued...
After Boost test to LA
pings around the world

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