Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Google Office


I have no idea what I could do there, but fuck! I got a tour of their offices today and I was floored by the awesomeness of it all. To the eye, it was more or less just like any other ".com" office, but there was something different about it, more laid back, more stuff, more friendly. Their seemed to be a good work ethic there, and a calmness to it all. It The non-work related perks were of course amazing. Free food where ever you turned, healthy snacks and drinks, gourmet food for consumption in their many cafeterias, living room set-ups at every turn with any console system you wanted to play on giant screen TVs. Large game and fitness rooms, massage rooms, you name it, they got it.

I was most impressed by the amount of Legos stations one of the floors had. There were bins of Legos everywhere! It seemed like the while floor was just for building Legos.  The picture above is a giant Google logo made of legos. To the right is a giant mural made out of Legos. There was a lot more, portraits, scenes, barcodes, all made out of Legos. They even  had a MindStorm station for making Lego Robots! The one that was sitting there at the moment was a moving Google logo that rotated that was made of of giant Legos alphabet blocks. It wasnt like FAO Schwartz or anything, but it was a Wonderland.

I didnt feel entirely comfortable taking pictures while I was there, especially with all the corporate secrecy articles I've been reading these past couple of days, but I did get one final one of something I was blown away by. It was a giant Google Earth station, seems it was just being worked on, but it was functioning and impressive as all get-out! It was 9 computers attached to 9 giant HDTVs all running together to give you an incredibly smooth, immersive, and mind blowing tour of the planet (also mars and the moon). I wished that google earth would run this smoothly on my computer. There wasnt a bump or hiccup to be found. I dont know if they were prototyping it for public display or if it was just a pet project of someones. What ever the case, I hope to be able to play with it again. It was sweet!

So anyhoo, my tour was awesome, I got free snacks and drinks, and I loved every minute of being there. I need to work there. Or maybe I can just find myself a quiet corner somewhere where I can just squat rent free for awhile. Now I know what all the hub-bub is about. It really is as impressive as everyones says. I think the planet would run more smoothly if all offices were like this. If not for anything else, god bless Google for making their employees happy.

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