Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Its the little things that count...

Been working away, busy season seems to have stretched over into summer this year, which, I guess is nice. I have a couple of new pics coming along. More shoots in the coming weeks, so have no fear, it wont just be instagram pics of my cameras for much longer!

Speaking of pics of my cameras, heres a random picture I found in one of my old folder. Its my very first "Professional" DSLR (its professional coz it says so on the body ;). The Kodak DCS 315 with a whopping 1.5mp sensor! That was some serious shit back then (I think it was 1998)  If I am remembering correctly, this camera cost me about $2500 bucks! Built off a Nikon Pronea 6i SLR, it was nothing more then a piece of shit consumer camera with a rubberized brick glued to the bottom of it. My old Motorola Razr cell phone took better pictures! Ok, maybe not that bad, but pretty bad. Though there are a few shots from this camera that I still enjoy and keep in my portfolio to this day, in particular the "Unknown To Me" series from last years 365 project. Ahh, those were the days...And what the hell was with that piece of shit zoom lens on it?! I guess I was always a Tamron fan :)
Good lord, this thing's storage were PC cards!

Anyhoo, yeah, more fun stuff to come! So dont give up on me just yet!

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