Friday, November 11, 2011

365 Day 315: On My Person: Everything

This is everything from the past week, plus some stuff I found at the bottoms of pockets and tucked in corners of my bag. I gotta say, it's doesnt look too bad all together. As I was going through this week, I thought I was a bit nuts for having all this stuff in my bag at any given time. But I feel better now, looking at this photo.

In case you were wondering, "what kind of bag can hold all this crap?!" Its a Bailey Works 253 Courier (Medium) with a Tenba PP12 photo insert . It can hold all this, and a lot more. And when I say a lot, I mean A LOT! All this only takes up about 1/2 the bag. I can easily also fit my Nikon D700 with a battery grip and a couple of lenses, a hoodie, a liter of water, a macbook pro, and what not. The bag isnt even that big. It's just well made and has giant pockets and smart dividers. Pretty awesome stuff.

Heres the full run down:
- Work gloves
- Bandana
- Glasses
- Titanium Sporks
- Crecent Wrench (with more paracord)
- Cigarette case/lighter
- Pocket Knife with seatbelt cutter and shatter tip
- Magnetic pen
- 9 in 1 Screwdriver set
- Cree flashlight with Tactical Crown
- Eco shopping bag
- Black plastic bag
- Altoids tin with EDC stuff like flint brick, water bag, mini utility knife, band-aids, etc...
- lighters
- pill case with asprin, stomach pills, water purifying pills
- gimmicky whistle/compass/flashlight/thermometer/signal mirror/ firestarter magnifying glass/rope thing
- a good flint stick
- Gerber multi-tool
- Folding mirror
- Magnifying glasses
- Space Pen
- Floss and such (in Altoids Tin)
- Weleda Lip Balm
- Business (Moo) Cards in Tin
- Band-Aids
- Toilet Seat covers
- Train Schedules
- Moleskine Folio Portfolio
- Moleskine Folio Notebook
- Dragonfly Bookmark
- S-Biners cause you can never have enough extra clips
- waterproof mini lighter
- Tweezers
- Flathead screw key
- Philips screw key
- Mini Pry Bar (Picopry)
- Mini Shackle
- Tiny Silver Fobs
- DIY Monkey Fist Paracord Gaffer's Tape holder
- More purdy rope (Paracord) knots. With a silver Axel skull
- Utili-Key
- Keys
- Sony NEX-5
- Tamron 28-300mm f/3.5-6.3 Lens
- Taylor & Hobson Cooke Kinic 1" f1.9 Lens
- Nikon F - Sony E adapter
- C - Sony E Adapter
- Sony mini flash
- Spare Battery
- Remote shutter release
- Manfrotto 797 ModoPocket
- Len cleaning pen
- iPhone (with a plastic edge case and my TLR skin)
- iPad (in a DODO Case)
- iHDD Hard Drive
- Back up battery for the iPhone
- Apple's Camera Connection Kit
- Wallet
- Pocket watch

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