Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wanna-be cable cutter: Part 3

I think this is the week we get rid of cable! Its scary. But it has to be done. The bills are getting out of hand!  I have to get myself to make the call and get this done. Its tough. I've been thinking about it everyday for weeks now, but I just cant get myself to do it. Theres no reason for this fear since we've been doing pretty good not watching cable for a few weeks now. This is what I have done so far:

 - Got an over-the-air HD antenna. I picked it up for a song from It was only about $23 bucks and we are able to pull in about 35+ channels. A lot of them are weird ones, but almost all of the regular channels we watch come in perfectly. Best part is, because we are in the city, we dont have to have this thing outside. We have it hidden under a bunch of deer antlers on the floor, out of the way! I wonder how many more channels we could pull in if it were outside. My guess is not much more. And really, do we need more? The only one I was disappointed about not getting was WLIW. But it's not like we would watch it all that much anyway, so whatever.

- Upgraded our internetz with Boost. Its not much faster then the regular cable internet, but at least it's more consistant. I do feel a bit ripped off for having it, but if it gives us a slight advantage over regular cable, I'm happy. And so far it's been pretty decent. We also had a new cable modem installed and that seemed to help a lot. Our old modem was at least 6 years old. It was time for an upgrade on that, if nothing else. I havent had too much issues with latency since, so thats a nice bonus for all the time I spend on the Xbox :D

- And finally, I got some Xmas money and we bought us a Mac Mini! For me this was the Holy Grail of getting rid of cable.  We previously had an Asus eeeBox, which was fine and all, but just couldnt handle Flash content. It was a nightmare to even try. And since a lot of the stuff we would watch is Flash video, it was holding us back. The Mac Mini made all our troubles go away. I opted for the newest model because the old ones on eBay were going for as much if not more then the new ones. (the last batch of Minis before these new ones are still much faster then the new ones.) Also, the HDMI is a dream. Not that muddy picture you get with DVI or VGA. This was the best choice. Also the Wifi is better. I think it was a good choice. Not to mention the Disc Drive. The eeeBox didnt have one of those. And since we dont have a DVD player it was a pain in the ass to plug in another computer, every time we wanted to watch something on disk. It got to the point where, i just gave up, and ripped whatever we had on disc coz I didnt want to deal with plugging in another machine to the TV.

So we are more then ready for this. I just need a good swift kick in the pants! Wish me luck!

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